Welcome to the Irreverse

The Irreverse is a world defined by the principle of irreversibility – the negation of the ability to go back, to undo, to rewind, to repair. The Irreverse is the world we live in; it is a world, which seems to be dramatically accelerating towards its irrevocable ends. Yet despite our experience that life passes irreversibly, we notice that for small systems, it is often possible to reverse, or undo, an action. Where is the source, or origin, of irreversibility?

Play SSECH // unplay CHESS with us.

Starting from a checkmate or a chess problem, play backwards until the initial positions of the pieces on the board are restored.

In CHESS, pieces are taken from the board.

In SSEHC, they are put back in the game

All pieces in SSEHC move like in CHESS, except for pawns:

A pawn moves straight backwards one square, if that square is vacant. It will move backwards diagonally if liberating a piece. Pawns cannot move forward.

The first move can be played either by white or black, depending on the starting point of the game.

The last move is played by white.

Play a SSEHC game starting from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass chess problem. A SSEHC game is a reversion of a CHESS game.

Mapping the Irreverse

Workshop poster