Open Call

The call for our transdisciplinary publication The Atlas of the Irreverse is now open! We are looking for a variety of contributions that explore, observe and map the phenomena of irreversibility. The publication will feature, for example, artistic exploration, scientific pieces, political manifestos and philosophical discussions.

We welcome contributions from all disciplines, such as anthropology, art, biology, chemistry, gender studies, glaciology, history, medicine, music, philosophy, photography, physics, politics, psychology and many more.

  • What does irreversibility look like through the lens of your expertise?
  • What instances of irreversible processes are there in your field, and have there been measures or proposals to counter them?
  • How is irreversibility received and perceived and which tipping-points can be identified?

We have three main classes of submission:

[1] Text-based contribution.

This includes but is not limited to: essay, dialogue, fiction, memoir, poetry.

  • Maximum 30 000 (thirty thousand) characters including spaces.
  • Reference Style: Chicago footnote. References should be placed as footnotes (not as a separate bibliography). No URLS unless the source is web. Eg: Virginia Woolf, “Modern Fiction,” in Selected Essays, ed. David Bradshaw (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008).
  • If you use equations, only use displayed equations (no in-line equations).

[2] Image-based contribution.

This could be, for example: photography, artwork, drawing, graphics, maps, cartoon.

  • Minimum image size 25cm x 30cm with minimum resolution 300 dpi in TIFF or PNG.

[3] Free contribution.

This is everything else, such as riddles, games, music scores, instructions, etc.

  • Mixed-media (text/image) should not be longer than the equivalent of five A4 pages.

Brief details

  • The publication will have a magazine/catalogue style.
  • Texts should be aimed at a broad audience — no jargon or complicated technical terms.
  • Images must be sent separately and not embedded in files.
  • We accept multiple submissions from the same author but reserve the right to select.
  • We accept texts in all languages but we will not necessarily provide translations.
  • Published authors will receive five printed copies of the publication via post.

Please download the full call details via the pdf link above.

Extended submission deadline: Friday 16 June 2023 at 23:59 in any timezone.

Submissions to: the.irreverse *at*