Graz is the second largest city in Austria and located in the county of Styria; it is a university town of about half a million people.

BY TRAIN. Graz is 2.5 hours away on a direct train from Vienna. There is also a direct train every two hours from Vienna airport (3hrs to Graz). There are connections to Udine and Maribor, as well as night trains to Berlin and Zürich. You can check train connections with the Austrian Rail (ÖBB) here.

BY PLANE. Graz has a tiny airport that serves Vienna, Zürich, Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Amsterdam and Palma de Mallorca. 

BY ROAD. By car or Flixbus, Graz is about 2h 20min from Vienna.


FROM THE TRAIN STATION TO THE HOTEL The fastest way is to take a tram. Exit the main station under the large clock and walk diagonally to your right until you reach the stairs and escalators that take you to the tram station below ground. Here tickets can be purchased from the vending machines. Take any tram (numbers 1, 4, 6 or 7) for three stops until Südtiroler Platz/ Kunsthaus. The hotel is a short walk down the river from the stop